Elm City Girls’ Choir Alumnae Reunion Jamboree

The Elm City Girls’ Choir Alumnae Reunion Jamboree took place on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Bridgeport. The program included some of ECGC’s “Greatest Hits” from 1993-2018 with spontaneous requests from both performers and audience members, and a rollicking sing-a-long of everybody’s favorite songs from recent years as well as the “good old days”! Members of the Saecula Women’s Choir joined forces with current ECGC choristers and ECGC alumnae of all generations in this nostalgic performance. Choristers and alumnae of the United Girls’ Choir who are in attendance were also invited to join in singing a few selections at the end of the program.

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