Waging Peace Through Song

Waging Peace Through Song (WPTS) provides opportunities for members of the Saecula Singers to teach and spread messages of peace, justice, love, hope, and acceptance through music. Participants learn and perform a diverse array of peace-themed repertoire, lead workshops, compose original songs, and participate in other collaborative activities such as improvisation, chanting, trust-building exercises, and group meditation in a nurturing, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. WPTS aims to harness the unique power of music to comfort and heal individuals in times of sorrow, illness, and need, and to promote peace and harmony in the world.

The program was conceived and launched by Leah Suffern, an alumna of St. Olaf College and long-time member of the Saecula community, who describes her rationale and vision for the project as follows:

“Throughout our nation, individuals are divided by uncertainty and unsettled by fear. Peace is needed. As citizens of the world concerned with issues of equality, tolerance, empathy, kindness, and hope, we must take action and shape our society for the better.

Choral music has the potential to empower and comfort individuals, and through the simple act of singing, each of us can become a channel of peace.